Wynooche Valley Cemetery

Cemetery Rates

Rules for Flowers, Trees, Shrubs, Headstones and Grave Markers

Flowers: There are neither placement nor removal rules for flowers. However, faded flowers, both real and artificial, will be removed by the City.
Trees and Shrubs: Plants must be planted behind the headstone. If a plant infringes on other graves, the City will remove it.
Headstones and Grave Markers: Upright headstones are allowed at the head of the grave. Additional markers on the same grave must be flat. 

To purchase a gravesite, open/close a grave or for questions: Contact Chey Smith, Deputy Clerk at 360-249-3021 x 101


 The Wynoochee Cemetery is currently owned by the City of Montesano. It was originally named Mound Cemetery after pioneers' nickname for the hill - Mace's Mound. It first opened in April, 1871, when two acres of the mound were purchased at a price of $10 per acre. That same afternoon, Mrs. Marcellus Luark (Frances Redman Luark) was interred.
On May 20, 1871, a meeting was held in the schoolhouse, and a sale of cemetery lots was conducted; the price was $5 per lot. On June 28, 1871, the bodies which had been buried in the cemetery near the schoolhouse and Methodist Church were exhumed and interred in the Wynoochee Cemetery.