Planning Commission

The Planning Commission is created and established by the Montesano Municipal Code Chapter 2.36 The Planning Commission consists of seven members. The members of the Planning Commission shall be appointed by the mayor subject to confirmation by the City Council. The terms of office for the first appointed members shall be two, three, four, five and six years in the order of appointment.


The Planning Commission has various duties related to planning and development assigned by the Municipal Code. The primary function of the Planning Commission is to advise the City Council on zoning changes and revision to the zoning and development related codes.


Milestone to date: Developed and implemented with approval of council the Montesano Downtown Development Standards.


The members are as follows:


Chairman, Ken Albert


Planning Commission Members:

Barb Ford, Eric Nelson, Doris Torkelson (Chair Pro-tem), Will Foster, Dustin Rhodes and Dawn Thomas.


Council Representative is Dave Skaramuca


Chey Smith is PC secretary