City Council

Montesano Mayor- Vini Samuel


Councilman Clint Bryson Position 1


Councilman Ian Cope Position 2


Council Kim Cristobal Position 3


Councilman Dave Skaramuca Position 4
I consider myself a third generation Montesanoan. I was raised in Montesano, attended schools and graduated in 1980. My first 10 years of employment were spent as an automotive mechanic/machinist, then the next 18 years as lab technician in pulp mill. After a plant closure I attended college in Centralia and graduated in 2008 with a ATA in Civil Engineering. I am currently a carpenter/home builder. I feel my unique experience enables me to carryout my passion which is improving our parks, streets, and sidewalks.My vision for the future of Montesano is to preserve our character while keeping great schools and excellent police and fire departments.


Councilman Rollin Caryl Position 5


Councilman Tyler Trimble Position 6


Councilman Dan Wood Position 7
Dan Wood has more than 25 years of experience in the public policy arena as a volunteer activist, professional advocate, non-profit association leader, and public official.

He had managed candidate campaigns, public relations projects, and conventions with several hundred attendees.

As a non-profit leader, he led a 10-year successful campaign to construct a $15 million commercial-scale wind project. As a public official, he authorized and saw to completion multi-million-dollar projects for infrastructure (rail, road, sewer, and water), building construction and renovation (courthouse, schools, and public safety facilities).

As a county commissioner, Dan co-managed a public entity with several-hundred employees and combined budgets of about $100 million. This involved coordinating with other elected officials, working with various levels of government, managing contracts and projects and duvet adoption and supervision. Dan has also been involved in successful disaster relief and social service programs and focused efforts.