City Parks

Fleet Park - In the heart of downtown right across from the Post Office

Fleet Park was a proud addition at the heart of the City from the Fleet Family in 1946. It covers a square block with lawn, mature shrubs, a covered pavilion, and a veterans' memorial.  It is the center of  City celebrations such as the Festival of Lights in December, Festival of People in the Summer, and Memorial Day services. The Fleet Family continues to this day with donations toward the upkeep of Fleet Park.
Kelsey Park - A children's playground located two blocks north of the County Courthouse.
Kelsey Park has playground equipment on the flat area and a grassy slope under trees from which softball games at Nelson and Crait fields can be observed.

Kelsey Park has a newly-installed pet waste collection station with bag dispenser and collection container. This station is to encourage residents to comply with City Ordinance 10.04.060, Pets in Park.

Montesano has three ball parks:
Crait, Nelson, and Vessey Fields.
They are used by the following organizations:
There are also two small roadside parks at both entrances to Montesano on Pioneer Avenue (The Old Highway)

Triangle Park on the west end


Bryan Park on the East